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Types of Projects

GEO/Graphics Project Showcase


Rural Prosperity Initiative (RPI)


The goal of the RPI project was to increase the net income of poor farmers in six different countries located in Africa and Asia, through developing low-cost irrigation technologies and developing supply chains. GEO/Graphics used GIS to aid the project in several different aspects: 1) help determine potential areas of technology intervention by performing spatial analysis with census and environmental data; 2) Mapping value chain linkages between markets, dealers, growers, etc.; 3) Environmental monitoring and impact mapping; 4) Monitoring and evaluation of project and income growth/distribution through time series; 5) In-country data collection; 6) In-country training of staff in GIS, GPS, and data collection.

2006 - Present
International Development Enterprises (IDE)

Greater Yellowstone Area Bark Beetle Monitoring


Throughout the last decade, White Bark Pine trees in the Greater Yellowstone Area have been weakened and destoryed by bark beetle infestation. This advance of bark beetle is directly related to expansion of bark beetle habitat due to climate change. GEO/Graphics helped conduct a series of aerial overflights, and documented the entire Greater Yellowstone Area (22,000,000 acres) by capturing over 7,000 georeferenced oblique photos from the plane, using a GPS-enabled camera. The georeferenced photos were overlain in Google Earth, and the camera perspective for each photo point was recreated in Google Earth. A bark beetle outbreak category (Level 1 - Level 5) was assigned to each photo point, and applied to the location on the ground that the photo "looks at". These ground points were used to create a raster surface model that estimates bark beetle outbreak category for the entire Greater Yellowstone Area.

2008 - Present
US Forest Service

Lower Colorado River Orthophotography and Vegetation Mapping


GEO/Graphics laid ground-control panels and performed GPS surveys in preparation for aerial collection of digital multispectral imagery of the lower 600 miles of the Colorado River. After obtaining stereo-pairs, we created and edited the DEM, and then orthorectified, color-balanced, mosaicked, and compressed the imagery. Following the image processing, we built custom GIS interfaces using VBA and ArcObjects to automate map production and plotting, and also to simplify aspects of vegetation mapping for the biologists on the project team. GEO/Graphics also performed on-screen digitizing of vegetation along the river corridor, and managed the geodatabase. We performed both fieldwork and GIS analysis in support of ground-truthing and an accuracy assessment.

2005 - 2006
Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region


Partial Client List

Air Fiber, Inc. - San Diego, CA
ASM Affiliates - Encinitas, CA
Aspen Environmental Group - Agoura Hills, CA
Bear River Commision - UT
BIO/WEST, Inc. - Logan, UT
Boyle Engineering Corporation - Salt Lake City, UT
Cache County Chamber of Commerce - UT
Cirrus Ecological Solution - Logan, UT
City of Cortez - CO
City of Logan - UT
Ecosystems Research Institute - Logan, UT
Ecotone Environmental Consulting - Friday Harbor, WA
Gardner Engineering - Ogden, UT
Granger-Hunter Improvement District - UT
Hanser, Allen, and Luce - Salt Lake City, UT
HELIX Environmental Planning, Inc. - La Mesa, CA
Henry's Fork Foundation, Inc. - ID
Imperial Irrigation District - Imperial, CA
International Development Enterprises - Lakewood, CO
JBR Environmental, Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT
KEA Environmental, Inc. - San Diego, CA
Keller-Bleisner Engineering - Logan, UT
Kathol & Company - Fort Collins, CO
Microwave Design International - Richardson, TX
Montezuma County - CO
Murray City - UT
Pioneer Environmental Service - Logan, UT
San Juan County - UT
Symbiotics Energy - Logan, UT
The Nature Conservancy - Las Vegas, NV
The Peregrine Fund - Boise, ID
Tri-State Generation & Transmission - Denver, CO
Utah State University - Logan, UT
View Point West, Inc. - Montrose, CO
Washington Co. Water Conservancy District - UT
West Valley City Corporation - UT
Woodward-Clyde Consultants - Denver, CO

Past Projects of Note

GIS is an exciting field to work in, and we have had the opportunity to apply GIS to many interesting projects. Most of these projects are interdisciplinary in nature, and GIS/mapping was one component among a rich array of project team members.  Some of our favorite projects are highlighted on this page.