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GPS Surveying

Ortho Planning
In order to create orthophotography or perform photogrammetry, a GPS control survey must be performed on the ground to enable exterior orientation. GEO/Graphics has experience in laying ground-control panels, collecting survey-grade coordinates of those panels, and performing differential correction in support of ortho projects.

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Resource Mapping
For many environmental projects, the only way to accurately map the resource is to get on the ground with a GPS unit! GEO/Graphics owns several mapping-grade GPS units, and can perform resource surveys ourselves, or rent out the units to other firms.

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GIS is an ever-changing discipline, and GEO/Graphics strives to keep abreast with the technology. We have access to and expertise in:

ArcGIS Desktop (ArcInfo)
    Spatial Analyst
    3D Analyst
ArcGIS Server
Google Earth Professional
Manifold Systems GIS
ER Mapper
Erdas Imagine
Leica Photogrammetry Suite
Inpho Orthovista
SQL Server
Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Visual Studio

Windows XP Pro
Windows Vista x64
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
HP Plotters and Printers
SCSI Backup Devices
Trimble GPS Receivers